Pregnancy Photos

I’m starting this page in faith that this pregnancy will last and that this baby will be my take home rainbow baby. All my ultrasound pictures of the twins are tucked away in a box and I want these to be more accessible. I’d like to be able to include pictures in posts but don’t want them showing up unexpectedly in a feed for those who are not prepared to see them. That’s always been a little hard for me when reading blogs of pregnant women. So at this point, I’ll keep the pictures here.

This is the little card that my clinic gives you on the day of your embryo transfer. This is my 5th Embryo Transfer Card.  I really hope this little guy makes it!



This is from my first ultrasound on 9/13/13 – Friday the 13th! The little black dot is the gestational sac in the uterus. That’s all that is visible at this point.

One sac in the right spot!

One sac in the right spot!

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Photos”

  1. Love the idea of a seperate page for the pregnancy photos. Hopefully someay I will get to borrow the idea as well! Congrats! Hoping things continue to progress forward wonderfully for you!

  2. I know this didn’t work out as it should have (I am so incredibly, deeply sorry for your lost babies), but I wanted to comment (it being ICLW and all) on what a touching and beautiful idea this was (is).

    I think you and I had our babies’ hearts stop around the same time – Sept 2013. If I ever have another pregnancy I will keep a little journal with photos or maybe post on my blog as part if trying to have faith. Even if it doesn’t work out, I need ways to make real my hope, faith, wishes and dreams for that rainbow.

    Thank you for inspiring me and for stopping by so I knew where to find you and your great idea. I very much hope 2014 brings you your elusive and long-wished for rainbow baby.

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