It’s crazy how quickly you begin to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. 

When we lost the twins, one of things I felt guilty over is that I felt SO MUCH better physically almost immediately. Emotionally it was a shitshow, but physically it was a relief.  The same thing happened this time too. My body just doesn’t seem to handle the hormones of pregnancy well. While pregnant I could not get through the day without taking at least one Pepcid. If I didn’t I’d feel sick and get reflux. Not to mention that I was still throwing up on the regular at full-term. I haven’t thrown up once since the birth of this baby. I also haven’t taken and haven’t needed any Pepcid. What I have been taking however is the hospital strength prescription ibuprofen i was given. Unfortunately I’ve been popping these every 6 hours but not for my lady parts, no, it’s cause my f-Ing tooth hurts so bad I want to cry. I started to get a toothache in the last weeks of my pregnancy. But I wasn’t about to go looking for a dentist in late December and pay any deductibles that I’d just have to pay again in a couple of weeks. Once I had the baby the pain started getting worse so I suffered through the holidays as my tooth pain got worse and worse (stupid, I know). Seriously I can barely eat and I certainly can’t chew on that side of my mouth when I do eat. Well I finally went to a dentist and guess what… I have an old root canal and crown that now has an infection under it. And it’s bad. I knew it wasn’t good because my jaw hurts so badly. It’s tender to the touch and you can see the swelling just looking at my face. The dentist has referred me to a specialist to either re-do the root canal if possible, if the tooth can even be saved, or I may have to have the whole thing extracted. I guess that old saying about losing a tooth for each child might have some merit after all. I hate the root canal anyway now that I know more about them from all my alternative health forays but the idea of losing a tooth freaks me out. My dad ended up getting dentures in his 40s so genetically I’m probably screwed. I’m going to try not to worry too much until I actually see the endodontist. In the meantime I’m taking antibiotics to calm the infection. 

I dislike taking antibiotics. Typically I dislike taking medicine of any kind, even Tylenol. However I’m in so much pain that I started taking the antibiotics without hesitation even though I’m breast-feeding and worried about how they will affect the baby. I was so concerned with having a vaginal birth so she would get exposure to good bacteria to populate her gut, and now the antibiotics are going to kill everything. Unfortunately I really don’t have a choice I need these antibiotics right now. I had DH pick up a probiotic supplement for me to help offset the damage of the antibiotics but we will have to see what happens. I’m hoping we don’t get thrush. That is one of the possible side effects. I’m also hoping these antibiotics can help ease the pain and swelling soon. Even with the very limited sleep I’m getting I think I’d be feeling great if it weren’t for this damned tooth. 

OK sorry for the tirade, back on topic…  I don’t know if it has something to do with the new year or if it’s just not being pregnant anymore but I want to do things I haven’t felt like doing since we moved almost 10 months ago.  I’m starting to feel like cooking again. I find myself wishing I could get this place clean and organized. I want to arrange my closet and do stuff you couldn’t have paid me to do a month ago. The only problem now is that I don’t have the time because I have a sleeping baby in my arms and I’m not willing to sacrifice these baby cuddles. Besides she’ll sleep like an angel as long as I’m holding her, but she doesn’t care for being put down and wakes up very quickly when I do   Apparently I’m her favorite pillow. And for her, I will sit and hold her and be a pillow for as long as she needs me to be. 

Happy New Year peeps.