Happy Monday everyone!  I’m feeling grateful today.  I am happy to be almost 23 weeks along in this pregnancy. Everyday I feel this little alien in my belly move and am so happy to be having this experience, even when it’s less than pleasant.  I am still throwing up a few times a week on average which is not fun. In fact I feel like my gag reflex is getting weaker (or stronger… not sure what the correct descriptor is). Seems like the slightest things can make me puke these days.  Baby is causing me to cough sometimes which unless I really concentrate is typically followed by gagging and frequently running for the toilet. I couldn’t figure out why she’d be making me cough and someone suggested the coughing is caused my her kicking my diaphragm. That makes sense. Not sure if that’s what’s really happening but it makes sense.

As of last week I have been officially released from the Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist practice.  No more additional appointments no more ultrasounds to check my cervical length. The scans at 16, 20 and 22 weeks showed no indication of cervical shortening or funneling, nothing to indicate any need for concern. They said that at this point they would not consider this pregnancy high risk. I DO still have a higher chance of pre-term labor but given that, that history is with a twin pregnancy and this is a singleton the dr is not too concerned. She even said she wouldn’t be surprised if I went past my due date since this would be my first full-term pregnancy. That was all really great news. She also said that she thought it would be fine if I wanted to change from the OB I’ve been seeing to a mid-wife for a more natural holistic experience. So that’s good.   The scary thing was that night I ate something bad or something cause I got violently ill. **** TMI WARNING ****  I was puking into a trash bag on my lap while sitting on the toilet. It wasn’t pretty. And when I was done, there was blood in the toilet and when I wiped. I waited a couple of hours and when I peed later and there was still blood I started to get a little worried.  I kept checking but there has been no additional trace of blood, thank goodness. I’m guessing it was either the transvaginal ultrasound or the violence with which I got ill or some combination of the two that caused the bleeding. It’s been almost a week with no more blood so I’m hoping it was a one time thing.

So I guess that’s it for now. I’m still pregnant and hopefully I will be until mid-December when it’s time for this little girl to join us on the outside.