It’s official. I am moving into the 2nd trimester and I am feeling pretty good about things.  I’m still nauseated much of the time. It seems to be inconsistent though. I can’t tell what’s going to make me sick and what isn’t. Some days/moments I feel good and then before I know it I’m fighting down a wave of nausea. I’ve now thrown up in every drain in my bathroom… toilet, shower and most recently, sink.  Gross I know.  Does anyone else have trouble brushing their teeth without puking? No… Just me? Figures.

My second attempt at my first OB appointment went well last week.  I decided not to hold any grudges since I’m most likely the one who messed up my appointment time when putting it in my calendar. Although I do think someone should have made an attempt to speak with me on that first visit with the wrong time. Even if it was just for a few minutes so as to not send me away in tears. This time around I met with the office coordinator person first who went through a stack of papers with us and told us more about how the office worked and who we should contact in what situations. She was very nice and compassionate when I  tried to ask some questions about labor standard practices and instead started crying because it brings up my experience losing the twins and it is still hard to image getting to full-term labor. I was able to calm down pretty quickly and after we went through everything she brought us to the exam room to meet with the Dr. A tech took my blood pressure then drew some blood for testing. The Dr. came in and she was nice. We went through my history. We talked about the 17-P shots and about how since my pre-term loss was with twins it puts me in this grey area that is outside of the studies. Since she said the same thing the MFM said, which is that there really is no downside or side effects to the shots, we decided to go ahead and initiate the process with insurance approvals and ordering the meds.  I can always change my mind but I’m thinking that better safe than sorry is the way to go on this one.

Once we went through my history and everything we needed to talk about. She did a quick ultrasound and we got to see the baby briefly.  We got to see a little bit of movement and baby arm waving and got a new ultrasound picture. The Dr. said everything looked good so far and that we should make another appointment for 4 weeks out. Then she got double bonus points for saying that if I started getting anxious and needed a quick ultrasound for piece of mind based on my history that she should be able to fit me in for a brief scan within a couple of days notice.  Nice, right?

I was hoping that my cell-free DNA testing results would be in that day but they were not. I did get a call the following day letting me know that the test results were all clear. Based on the effectiveness of this test there is very little chance that this baby has any genetic issues that would be of concern. I don’t need to do any further diagnostic testing at this point. Yay! I think knowing this is part of why I’m feeling so positive about things right now.

After she gave me the test results the genetic counselor caught me a little off-guard when she asked if I wanted to know the baby’s gender. I had forgotten that we included that in the genetic testing profile. I was alone when I got the call so I as much as I wanted to know I hesitated because I thought I should wait for my husband. But really, who can wait for these things?  Not me…   But I’m gonna torture you and make you wait because this post is already getting long and we have not told anyone yet. More to come on this topic.

P.S. – I have a job interview tomorrow – think good thoughts for me please!