My first OB appt was supposed to be Friday. It’s been in my calendar for a little over a month and apparently somehow, I’ve had the time wrong for all these weeks. I was very much looking forward to that appointment considering that I’m now 12 weeks 5 days pregnant and haven’t seen the OB yet.  DH and I drove the 20 minutes into downtown Philly and after circling around looking for street parking decided to park in the hospital’s garage. It was only $16 with validation (can you hear the sarcasm there? Parking in Philly is not fun or cheap, but I digress).

We walked the few blocks to my Dr’s office, took the elevator up to the 12th floor and when I checked in the receptionist said, “Your appt. was at 9am”.  Wait, what?  No it wasn’t.  It says 2pm right here in my phone. “Sorry but your appointment was for this morning, we don’t see new OB patients in the afternoon”.  Well if my appt. was for this morning why didn’t anyone call me? “We don’t do that until the end of the day”.  So what you’re saying is that I missed my appointment… but I have it marked down for 2pm, is there any way the Dr. will still see me?  She goes to the back to check…

In the meantime, I go tell my husband what’s happening and quietly start to panic. The receptionist comes back and tells me she’s sorry but the Dr is booked and can not see me. My husband gets involved at this point and pushes back a little because I’m starting to have a meltdown. He tells her that I’m 12 weeks already and we’ve had previous miscarriages and is there anyone who can see us today? She goes back to check again. Meanwhile, I’ve started crying at this point and have to go to the bathroom to try to compose myself.  I try to convince myself that everything is OK and that not having that appointment on Friday is not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the baby. Everything is fine… nothing has changed in the past 5 minutes. You can have the appointment another time and it will be OK. I calm down a little and go back out there.

She comes back with the office manager who says she’s very sorry but there is no one who can see me that day. She offers to reschedule the appointment for Tuesday at 11:30 am which sucks because I already have a work meeting scheduled at that time and this means that I have to move that meeting and take time out of the workday to come back to where I already was. But, at least it’s only a few days away and not another month out. I couldn’t even talk to them, I was so disappointed and angry. I just walked away to cry and let my husband handle it. So now I have to go back and hopefully have my first OB appt on Tuesday. I do not have much confidence in this practice at this point. If this doctor is not some kind of wonderful angel when I meet her I will probably be looking for a new one soon. Anyone deliver in the Philadelphia area? What was your experience and where did it happen – So I know where to consider and where to avoid?

On a happier note, we did see my husband’s parents this weekend and tell them about the pregnancy. Even without the ultrasound picture and reassurance I was hoping to get from Friday’s appt, it was nice to be able to share the good news.

(Sorry this post was not quite so Micro… but I had to get that out.)