I’m 12 weeks today.  It feels kind of crazy to be this far along already.  On the other hand, it feels like I’ve been sick forever. We got to tell my husbands sister about this pregnancy today.  She came over for a little while with her baby and we told her that (if all goes well) her baby would be getting a cousin for Christmas. She was very happy and excited for us.  It was nice to share the news. It feels good to have someone really excited for us since our own excitement although genuine is countered with a bit of anxiety based on our history. You can hear it in my words. Instead of just saying we’re having a baby in December, I said “if all goes well” we’ll be having a baby in December. It’s the distrust that infertility and loss has programmed into me. I’m working on it…

We had planned on telling his sister and his parents this weekend but the family gathering plans got cancelled. So we told her today since we had the opportunity and we’re planning to drive to my husband’s parents house this weekend and tell them in person.  I have my first OB appointment on Friday. It feels a little anti-climactic since it’s so late and I’ve already seen the MFM and genetic counselor.  It will be nice to have some renewed confidence that things are going well in there though.  I do feel like things are going well, but I’m expecting a quick ultrasound or at least an attempt at hearing the baby’s heartbeat with a doppler and that will give me an added comfort before we tell the husband’s parents this weekend.

I’ve still been feeling sick everyday. I have some moments of feeling better and I can keep it together OK usually when I’m leaving the house but I get tired pretty easily and don’t feel like being out for long before I’m ready to sit on the couch again or better yet if possible, take a nap.  I am better than the first few weeks of feeling sick I’m sure but it has not totally gone away yet. I’ve puked a couple times more since my last post and there have been plenty of times when I’ve felt sick but managed not to puke. I’ve had some fairly bad heartburn which is unpleasant but that seems to be the worst of it so far. I’m hoping the yucky feeling goes away soon like it does for most people.