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If vampires were real and they really needed human blood to survive, working in a fertility clinic would be the best job ever (minus part about having to go out in the sunlight). I say this because this morning, I left the clinic just over 80cc’s lighter.  A vampire could just take one extra little vial for him or herself, no one would ever know. With the volume of women in and out of that clinic daily a vampire could be well fed. Well, at least I know where I should go if I ever get turned.

80cc’s is a decent amount of blood (more than I’ve ever had drawn at the clinic before) but luckily I didn’t pass out or even feel dizzy.  I made sure to eat before leaving this morning. Luckily, I had a hard-boiled egg in the fridge cause who has time to cook before early morning blood draws at the fertility clinic? No me that’s for sure, but I did take a few minutes to heat up some homemade beef stock that I had in the fridge and I drank that on my way in instead of water.  I keep reading/hearing about how bone broths are so good for you so I thought I could get some nutrition along with my fluids… the 80 cc’s of blood are for the co-culture procedure that will be part of my next cycle. This is where they take some endometrial tissue and then use that tissue to help culture embryos in the next cycle. It’s supposed to help with embryo quality for us older ladies… (how did I become one of the older ladies? when did that happen? what happened to my youth?) Anyway… I should hear back from the clinic today once they get my blood test results to see if I’ve ovulated or not and then we will either confirm or adjust my appointment for the co-culture procedure. As of now, it’s scheduled for Tuesday but I’m guessing we might have to push it back to Thursday, we’ll see. The upside of all of this is that I got to see my favorite nurse/tech this morning. Honestly, I’m not sure what her qualifications are but she’s my favorite person in that whole place. I hadn’t seen her the last couple of times I’ve been there and I was worried that she wasn’t there anymore. This particular person holds a special place in my heart. After my loss, when my FET’s BFP turned into a chemical pregnancy and just kicked me when I was down, she was a pillar of light and love on a particularly hard day when I just couldn’t keep the tears at bay. I thought I had a blog post about it but I can’t find it so here is the short version of that story. I had been sitting in the waiting room and just being there again dealing with my losses was too much to bear and I had starting crying in the waiting room. She called me back for morning monitoring blood work and when she saw that I was upset she brought me into an exam room for some privacy and hugged me and let me cry and held my hand and gave me tissues and mostly comfort when I needed it most. Those techs see so many women come through that place on a daily basis but she took a few extra minutes to give me the attention and care I really needed that day and for that I will always be grateful. To this day, just seeing her makes me feel better.


On a separate note….  I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I need to get this out. Please please please people do not be the obnoxious girl on her cell phone in the clinic waiting room. I was really trying hard not to be hateful this morning but she was pushing my limits.   Do these people really not know how rude this is? Can they not see nor read the No Cell Phone Usage signs?  If an important call comes in and you need to answer your phone, fine, no problem, take the call and if it’s not urgent tell the caller you’ll have to call them back. If it is urgent excuse yourself to the elevator bank or lobby or at least a corner somewhere to deal with the call but please don’t just sit there bullshitting with someone for 45 minutes as a way to pass the time.  There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself that don’t make other people want to cause you bodily harm. You want to talk so bad, strike up a conversation with another person in the waiting room or perhaps read a book, magazine, newspaper or bubble gum wrapper I don’t care, just put the phone away and stop making me hate you.